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Artist Portfolio

GNAT Glitter Kink: Ongoing Practice
-Daily Updates & New Works Here-

Since 2011, GNAT Glitter Kink has transcended its "fashion brand" label to become something truly transcendent and powerful. GNAT develops customized Fetish & Bondage Gear and Garments for clients across the world. Through this practice, a mastery of materials and expansive design transform the self into embodied art. 

Gnat madrid Studio 2023

OUT at CHM: GNAT shows at the
Chicago History Museum

Gnat Rosa Madrid features an archival collection of work for a historic show: at the Chicago History Museum. This performance features live vocals from queer vocalist Thair.

gnat madrid @ chicago history museum

Valentine at Every Size

Gnat Madrid: Architect for all bodies. Created out of a desire to see all body times represented in sensual garment, Gnat fabricates duplicate garments for models in sizes XS-5X+. This study in size and proportion show Gnat's mastery of shape, and highlight the importance for sensual silhouettes across all sizes, without censorship.

GNAT Valentine_edited.jpg

Queer Latinx Artists on Intersectional Mexican-American Identity

PAPER Magazine exhibits GNAT Glitter Kink on Tejano Artists as they reflect on what being Latinx means to them. Photography in collaboration with Christopher Sonny Martinez.


BFA: Adventure/ Survival/ Visibility

SAIC Junior Undergraduate Collection 2012. Gnat explores queer safety and visibility in this exploration of textile and shape. This collection earned Gnat an internship with Bernhard Willhelm, in Paris, France.

gnat Madrid BFA

BFA: The After SCHQQL Specials

An exploration in plastic and playful accessories for a unisex market. Gnat expertly creates an artisan collection of backpacks, belt bags, bowties and more for a the queer future.

GNAT After SQHOOL Specials_edited.jpg

Lover: 2020

GNAT explores Valentine's Day through a queer femme4femme lens. Devotions are made in this documented performance.


Pride After July

Created as a response to Corporate Pride, Gnat designs and embodies a rainbow harness at Lake Michigan. Captioned, "My brand on July 1st", Gnat highlights the conditional allyship from corporations and refuses to discard queer community.

GNAT Madrid Pride

Party Girl Pool Party

Like an inflatable plastic pool raft reflecting in the sun, GNAT Glitter Kink has stuffed the Party Gurl Gear collection with glitter and sequins to sparkle under clear vinyl. Under the sunflowers, femme forms grapple with power and friendship in this documented experience of plastic and sunshine.


Hard Pangs at Gallery 400

GNAT was invited to participate in the Chances Dances 10th Anniversary Exhibition: Platforms.  As part of WERQ: Embodying Queer Spirit, Gnat presented the models herself. As a femme dome in black, she led her pastel submissives around the stage, and  cuffed & clipped them into place using bondage furniture, thus creating a living tableau of queer fashion bondage LQQKS.



SAIC Senior Thesis Collection, 2013. Central to the collection is the idea of VISIBILITY and INVISIBILITY. The camouflage prints in the collection are disabled by the neon and fluorescent colors that transform them into fabrics that will not allow a person to disappear. Further explorations in textile art and garment exemplify artistic mastery and play. Winner of  THE WALK Fellowship, placing Gnat at the top of her graduating class in 2013.

GNAT BFA thesis 2013_edited.jpg
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