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ABOUTGnat Rosa Madrid



Gnat Rosa Madrid is the creator of GNAT Glitter Kink: a craftswoman-driven practice exploring queer BDSM through femme- focused fetish wear. This queer operation is both a creative practice and small business, and sustains itself through commissioned custom and size-inclusive fashions made for clients all around the world. Gnat creates and amplify sex-positive and censorship-pushing queer femme content for all GNAT social media platforms and speaks on panels about her practice, mission, and vision for a sexually safe and liberated future full of pleasure and self love.

I am a Point Scholar, designer member of the CFDA, SAIC's The Walk Fellowship recipient, and Critical Fierceness Grant Recipient. I live and work in Chicago, IL.


I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and completed my BFA in 2013.  During my time at SAIC, I fully engaged in multiple artistic practices that enabled me to infuse my collections with a variety of techniques and theoretical content.  Printmaking, laser cutting and digital fabrication, screen printing, accessory design, painting, sculpture and clothing construction all culminate in the GNAT Universe- and the clothing and accessories that are produced to contain every bit of my obsession with chaotic art-making and sensitive application.  Sexuality and kinkiness fuse with vibrant candy + toy plastic playthings to become the multi-dimensional bags, hats, and harnesses for those hyper-individual, diverse, beautiful queer bodies!


In 2012, I began a small business endeavor: selling glittery vinyl and plastic bondage gear.  I remained dedicated to this practice throughout my time in college, and my self-established label “GNAT” is a growing success.  I sellcuffs, collars, leashes, harnesses, and strap-on harnesses. This practice led me to Paris, in the summer of 2012, where I interned for Bernhard Willhelm.  I learned a lot while working with Bernhard, and he and I engaged in collaborations with bags and purses.  I also had the pleasure of working briefly with Walter Van Bierendonck in the Spring of 2013, and he encouraged a laser-cut headpiece that was photographed with aid from the Antwerp 5.  Through this contact with kindred designers, I was further encouraged  to continue to expand upon my accessory and print collections. 


I currently work out of a Barbie Dream House themed workshop studio in Chicago, IL. My harnesses and fashion pieces are available online, as well as in boutiques in Chicago and NYC, and many more shops will be able to stock my collection once GNAT wholesale is ready for small businesses. I only stock at queer and/or femme owned-and-operated shops that promote body positivity and safe, exciting, consensual sex. I am a part of the queer Chicago nightlife scene, and I am the former host several parties including LQQKS, Femme's Room, FKA, Soft Leather, IT Presents, and DURO. I am available to host or style your next party!

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