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Extended GNAT Content!

My posts begin here. Its a new year and I'm the same evolving queer. This year, I've been inspired create written content. Sure, you love smashing the <3 button on my photos and gain inspiration from all the babes on my feed- but I wanted to make my voice, intentions, and process available to y'all too. Sometimes, its not about what you say, but how you say it. My goal with this blog is to invite my audience into the "why" of GNAT. I want y'all to get to know me, and I hope to be a helpful voice as you figure out who you are, and why you're exploring your sexuality through fetish and bondage gear. I'll cover a variety of topic here. you're going to get some insight into my artist process and what inspires me. I'll write about nightlife, queer culture and collaborations. I will eventually dive into queer trauma, and speak on how the violence I've experienced helped form the resilience of my artist practice and creative vision for healing. We can even talk about money, hustle, small business tips and I'll share my trials and tribulations as a queer, femme, latina trying to run a sexy small business on the northside of Chicago. Stay tuned!

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